Introducing the CMC Change Management Community

By: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

I’m pleased to introduce the new CMC Change Management community, available exclusively to CMC-Canada members.

The change management group page is a place for people interested in sharing and exploring ideas on the practice of change management.

The goal is to provide a forum for dialogue and discussion about the practice of change management.

There is no one “right” way to lead and manage change. So, we will moderate the group but encourage a broad range of topics related to organizational change and change management.

To support and encourage a variety of change management topics and ensure everyone gets a voice, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines when posting to the forum:

  • Imagine your client will read your post (they won’t unless they are a CMC member and part of the group) and use language and the tone you would want them to see.  
  • When posting material from a source (other than yourself), please reference and give the original author or owner credit. Respect any copyrights and intellectual property.
  • Respect that we all bring different experiences, knowledge, and insights to the topic of change management. Conversation and debate are vital to creating new insights. But only when you respect the person and can be open to different perspectives and viewpoints. Passion is allowed; disrespect and personal attacks are not, and we will delete that content.  
  • Giving misleading, deceptive, or inaccurate information does not advance the practice of change management. It’s best to keep those posts to yourself. If you can’t, we will delete the information.  

We recommend that you don’t post any information that you would otherwise share in a professional engagement (Please verify your profile settings and adjust as you wish to either limit/increase information that is shown).

We hope you find the change management community fun, helpful and it offers new insights. Members can use this link to access the community.


About the Author  

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner is president of Turner Change Management Inc. She is a certified management consultant (CMC) and author of “Launch Lead Live: The Executive’s Guide to Preventing Resistance and Succeeding with Organizational Change. 

She has over 20 years of experience in organizational change and been a speaker at national and international conferences. She has spoken on change management best practice, readiness, innovation, and change fatigue.

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner has developed DEAM© -- a change transition methodology. By focusing on the perspective of the people who need to adopt the change, Dr. Turner shows leaders how they can prevent resistance. She helps her clients turn change from a liability to an asset.