A Message from CMC-Canada’s National Board Chair: Building our Global Profession

By: Tim Wildman, PhD, MBA, FCMC

There are many benefits to being a Certified Management Consultant.  One that consistently pleases me is the network of talented and experienced CMCs across Canada and around the world who inform, educate and inspire me.  Whether we live in different provinces and territories or different countries, we share a bond as CMCs.  If I were not a CMC, I might not have met many of these people and my professional life would have been poorer as a result.  Dwight Mihalicz is one such person.

As Dwight wrote earlier this month, he joined the Board of Directors of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI, now CMC-Global) as Treasurer in 2013.  As fellow Canadian CMCs, we were filled with pride when Dwight was elected to a three-year term as Chair of the Board of CMC-Global in October 2018.  As Chair, Dwight focused CMC-Global on three strategic goals:

  • Building the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and its practitioners globally
  • Supporting, enhancing and growing the international network of management consulting institutes
  • Enabling management consulting institutes to enhance the visibility, recognition, and desirability of certification as international benchmarks.

Of the many achievements contained in CMC-Global’s annual reports to members during Dwight’s tenure, I will highlight a few of the achievements that benefit not only CMCs across Canada and around the world but also clients and the profession of management consulting globally:

  • Updates to the ICMCI Competency Framework, supporting professionalism, transparency, and integrity while promoting lifelong professional development
  • Launch of the ICMCI 2020 Onwards Task Force to address the future success of our professional globally
  • Launch of the CMC-Global directory for CMCs who work internationally
  • Launch of the National Consulting Index to support national institutes of management consulting in building visibility for the profession
  • Initiating a process to protect the CMC trademark globally to enhance global reciprocity
  • Promotion and training related to ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services, the minimum requirements for delivery of professional management consulting services.

A little over a year into Dwight’s term, the COVID pandemic changed life for all of us.  In-person meetings were replaced by virtual interactions.  Dwight embraced this necessity and met with more colleagues in meetings, workshops, and events from around the world than he ever could have by traveling.  As he noted in CMC-Global’s 2020-2021 Annual Report, COVID broke down the artificial boundaries between territorially based institutes.  Webinars have been more well attended, enabling members and non-members alike to come together to learn and to share, regardless of where they are around the globe.

Dwight has begun a three-year term as Past Chair of CMC-Global’s Board.  On behalf of CMC-Canada, I thank him for his dedicated service as Chair and for all that CMC-Global has accomplished under his leadership.  Our global profession is stronger as a result of his volunteer service and our future looks bright.


Tim Wildman, PhD, MBA, FCMC is CMC-Canada's National Board Chair