What Strategic Planning Isn't

Myth 1: Strategic Planning is an event.

Strategic planning is not an afternoon meeting or a weekend retreat
The retreat is but one of many methods to engage a group of people in developing a strategic plan for an organization. 

Myth 2: A Strategic Plan is a document; some graphics and buzzwords worthy of the finest presentations. 

How many times have I been presented with a lovely glossy-covered, bound document of which an organization is rightfully proud? Duly impressive. Oftentimes, a well-meaning team has worked very hard on this document; but, when I start to ask questions, I learn that few employees and stakeholders know what they are supposed to do with it.
Your planning journey should include a well-defined process that everyone can navigate; a step-by-step action plan as well as the tools, resources and continued support to keep the momentum moving forward.  

Myth 3: Strategic Planning is too hard. 

Roll up your sleeves. Undertaking a strategic process involves participation, vision, collaboration, questioning, navel gazing, research…there are many excellent processes for you to follow. And following the ENTIRE process is important. 
Follow a process and stick with it. It works and it doesn’t need to be complicated! 

Myth 4: I can write the organization’s Strategic Plan. Involving others will just take more time. 

Get the right people involved. It doesn’t need to take a year to develop a strategic plan, in fact, depending on the size of the organization and the level of involvement desired, you can easily create a strategic plan and accompanying action plan in less than three months (that’s lag time), total effort may not be more than 8 days total and not even per person. Combine corporate and industry information with stakeholder expertise and innovation. 

Myth 5: Strategic Planning takes too much time and costs too much.

Strategic planning is an investment. Rest assured that time spent thinking, planning, acting strategically promises positive returns. 


Josée Lemoine, Founder and President

Pivot Advisory Services

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