Q1 In brief, describe how you entered the profession of management consulting, or when did you decide that management consulting was a profession that you wanted to enter?

My very first consulting job was, in part, my master project for my MBA. I lived in a remote First Nations community and worked alongside the Economic Development Officer to identify community needs in health, education, and culture. I particularly enjoyed meeting and hearing about the dreams of the citizens for their community. The consulting work of then crafting a roadmap to reaching those dreams was so satisfying. So were the meals the chief and his wife put on for us!

Q2 What do you love most about consulting?

I love the variety and the opportunity to experience tangible change. Being involved in large-scale infrastructure that has generational economic and social impact is immensely gratifying.

Q3 What do you like the least?

Self-promotion – I find it really uncomfortable talking about my accomplishments because I most often see myself as serving my clients. So, my accomplishments are not necessarily about me but what my clients are able to accomplish through my work.

Q4 What has been your most satisfying engagement and why?

My most satisfying engagement has been contracting as a consultant with BDC because of the opportunity to collaborate with other delightful consulting colleagues and the variety of client organizations that I encountered.

Q5 What personality trait has helped you the most in your career?

It is hard to talk about just one – my sense of optimism, my intuitive ability with people, and a sense of humour that keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

Q6 Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island - What is one book and one luxury item you would take with you?

Book: Tuesdays with Morrie. Luxury item: my flute. Those two things would endlessly fuel my hope.
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