Q1 In brief, describe how you entered the profession of management consulting, or when did you decide that management consulting was a profession that you wanted to enter?

While completing my Chartered Accountancy designation, I knew that consulting work was of interest to me. It represented an opportunity to provide assistance on a more holistic level, as well as to help clients generate results (especially once implementation occurs).

Q2 What do you love most about consulting?

I love working with leaders who have a desire to take meaningful action in moving their company forward. What this mindset can achieve is inspiring and can change our world, especially in the case of emerging products and services.

Q3 What do you like the least?

I have a theory that there are people who find reasons to opt out of what is in their own best interest. This includes business owners who think that good practices are for other companies, failing to recognize just how much their own would benefit. Watching others miss opportunities isn't time well spent.

Q4 What has been your most satisfying engagement and why?

Anything to do with venture capital and early / growth stage companies. I am a former venture capital executive and am still involved with this dynamic industry. I also enjoy the media work I have been doing, as it allows me to comment on current business news and share my knowledge in a different way.

Q5 What personality trait has helped you the most in your career?

Creativity and resourcefulness. I’ve learned that these skills are not as typical as people might think and they have resulted in identifying unexpected approaches and solutions, which can provide a business edge to clients.

Q6 Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island - What is one book and one luxury item you would take with you?

Coastal Living magazine and my favourite skincare products.
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