Q1 In brief, describe how you entered the profession of management consulting, or when did you decide that management consulting was a profession that you wanted to enter?

I am fortunate to have had a wide variety of leadership experiences over my career. Consulting was always on my career bucket list. After a number of years in organizational leadership positions, I joined a national consulting firm. I loved the work but was lured away into another CEO position; this time with an agreement that I would continue consulting in my own practice. After 10 years of juggling both, I recently stepped down as President & CEO of Safety Services Manitoba to devote myself solely to coaching and consulting.

Q2 What do you love most about consulting?

I am passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations get clear on their current state, their desired future state, and the key objectives and strategies needed to get them there. 

I also love it when clients experience "aha" moments. For me, consulting provides variety, challenge, and the excitement of new projects.  It is the opportunity to connect the dots and bring it all together.

Q3 What do you like the least?

I love most everything about consulting, although I can't say that I love responding to RFPs.

Q4 What has been your most satisfying engagement and why?

I can't really think of any that have not been satisfying. However, I will give you an example of one that stands out. One client embarked on strategic planning with a focus on enhancing their current situation. During a 2 ½ day retreat with them, I could see the beginnings of a dramatic shift.  As we continued to work and refine their vision, it became clear to everyone that they had reached a watershed moment.  The plan was built and implemented.  The organization is seeing their desired results, and they continue to be laser-focussed on their new strategy.   

Q5 What personality trait has helped you the most in your career?

I would say the ability to connect the dots - to see the big picture and develop a clear vision of the future. Another one would be creativity in designing a process or the best approach to help a client reach their goals.

Q6 Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island - What is one book and one luxury item you would take with you?

I am a learning junkie and never read one book at a time. I would have to bring my Kindle to make sure there was enough variety. The luxury item would be my feather pillow and coconut-scented soap.
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