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Episode 1: Exploring the 6 Key Components of a Sound Business Strategy with Connie Siu

In our inaugural podcast, host James Grieve, CMC and Connie Siu, CMC discuss her journey in consulting and goes into detail on the key components of a sound business strategy, and how to develop that strategy to help ensure long-term success.  

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Key Takeaways:

Here are some of the key takeaways from Episode 1:

  • How Connie Siu got into the consulting profession and transitioned from a career in engineering
  • The most rewarding aspects of consulting work
  • How best to define the term ‘Strategy’
  • The importance of Strategic Planning for businesses
  • The difference between sound strategies and mediocre strategies
  • The 6 characteristics to an effective business strategy
  • The value of an action plan and importance of a structured approach to strategy
  • The tools that consultants can use to help companies develop their strategic plans
  • The value of the CMC designation from the client’s perspective
  • 5 areas that companies tend to overlook in their strategic planning process
  • How consultants help companies sustain their efforts and continue to grow and develop
  • What’s the role of a Certified Management Consultant (CMC)?
  • How the ‘fear of missing out’ impacts organizations when developing their strategy
  • How to manage consulting engagements where companies are resistant to change
  • The importance of the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring the results of your strategic goals; what are the meaningful measures that businesses should be using.

To get a copy of the white paper on Essential Qualities of a Sound Strategy, referenced in the podcast, click here.

Connie Siu’s Latest Book: Get Results That Count – Guide for Business Results Measurement

Host: James Grieve, CMC

Guest: Connie Siu, CMC