Q1 In brief, describe how you entered the profession of management consulting, or when did you decide that management consulting was a profession that you wanted to enter?

When I was 22 years old and engaged in my first career job, I met a woman by the name of Judy Kent. Judy facilitated a seminar on organizational strategy. She became my inspiration. What inspired me was the concept that I could have a career that was dynamic and infused with constant learning while having the opportunity to meaningfully help leaders and organizations. This passion has been a driving force for me personally and in the development of my firm, Praxis Consulting. I have been fortunate to fill my corporate team with others who are passionate about the creative application of strategy theory. I believe this philosophy has allowed me to grow my firm to become Saskatchewan’s largest locally owned management consulting firm. We regard every engagement as a personal challenge to learn more and support our clients’ success. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling career!

Q2 What do you love most about consulting?

Curiosity – when people ask me about my career I say that I have followed my curiosity. Consulting enables me to work in areas I want to learn about. It is new every day. I like to think of every project as a puzzle to solve. I also love my team – a group of vibrant thinkers who love what they do and do it for the right reasons.

Q3 What do you like the least?

The lack of consistency from day-to-day makes it challenging to achieve scale and efficiencies. The learning curve can be steep, and you have to be prepared to invest that time into projects. This makes for long hours but a good project is always worth it in the end.

Q4 What has been your most satisfying engagement and why?

I have many. The best projects are those that garner actual results and you can see the tangible impact to your client's organization. Consultants never get the credit and nor should they so I like to see projects where my clients succeed, and I know I had a part in that.

Q5 What personality trait has helped you the most in your career?

Tenacity – you have to stick to it and be patient. I have been consulting for 30 years now – I have seen the cycles multiple times and as an entrepreneur, I have experienced the highs and lows of business ownership. There are times I have wanted to throw in the towel but I have just kept going. I think it is that tenacity that has made me and my firm successful.

Q6 Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island - What is one book and one luxury item you would take with you?

I'd probably take a book on how to build a boat! If you're asking what book I would recommend, it's Viktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning. If this book doesn't get you through tough times, nothing will! My luxury item is a sapphire adorned Montblanc pen given to me by my brother whom I believe has the most brilliant entrepreneurial mind I have ever met.