2022 International Constantinus Award: CMC-Canada Nominee Captures Gold Medal!

October 13, 2022 – CMC-Canada's National Champion who represented Canada at this year’s International Constantinus Awards captured the Gold Medal prize.

The Constantinus International Award, now in its 11th year, celebrates pioneering projects in management consulting and IT from all around the world.
The purpose of the annual yearly award, handed out by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (CMC-Global), is to make forward-thinking consultants as well as their clients and projects more visible and to show their outstanding effort to further develop customer benefits.
National Champion of Canada & Gold Medal-Winning Project:
South Sask Ready-Sector Level Feasibility Study – Offsetting Clean Energy Transition Impacts on a Coal-Reliant Rural Economy  
Full Project Team: 

In September 2020, Amistra Consulting’s multi-disciplined expert team formed to assist a partnership of nine municipalities in southern Saskatchewan to develop a vision for economic survival.
The plan, a 30-year economic development initiative, identified viable opportunities to offset the economic losses in a rural economy heavily reliant on the economic benefits of a coal-fired electricity generation slated for closure at the end of 2029.


The South Sask Ready partnership is expected to create new business opportunities across the province for years to come.

"CMC-Canada congratulations the entire team at Amistra and all the stakeholders who made this incredible project possible," said Donna Ringrose, Executive Director of CMC-Canada. 

"It's crucial that we continue to showcase the value Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) bring to every consulting engagement, and how we offer a higher level of consulting to clients. And that’s especially true for projects in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), a sector we will see continue to expand rapidly in the coming years.” 

“The recognition that goes with our  International Constantinus Gold Medal and National Champion award for Canada will help build momentum with government, business, and community stakeholders to put their unceasing efforts toward making the coal-transition vision become reality," said Al Thibeault P.ENG., CMC, ACE, Amistra Consulting. 

"The negative economic impacts of transition on rural communities are dire but with our Amistra team, we have charted a course specific to our rural local economies that is achievable and based on our strengths and resources," said Sean Wallace, Managing Director, South Sask Ready

CMC-Canada's project was one of 30 submissions from a total of seven countries (Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Mongolia, Slovenia), and those were evaluated by 13 jurors. The Silver Medal prizes were captured by projects based in Italy and China respectively. 

Click here to view of the project profile for CMC-Canada's award-winning submission.

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Director, Marketing & Communications
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A special thank you to CMC-Global for their contributions to this press release.