A Message from the New CMC-Canada National Board Chair, Sophie Lemieux, C. Adm., C.M.C.


(en français)

It’s my pleasure to address CMC-Canada members for the first time as your new National Board Chair. I am honored to have been appointed to serve in this role over the coming two years.

 I would first like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Tim Wildman, FCMC for serving as Chair since 2021. 

During that time, we have stayed focused on our key strategic objectives: Promote, Grow, and Evolve, and seen significant progress on many fronts.

As many of you already know, CMC-Canada is a community of professional management consultants dedicated to promoting excellence and ethical standards in the consulting profession.

Our members are known for their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality consulting services to clients across Canada and beyond.

As we look to the future, I am excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

The consulting industry is constantly evolving, and our members must be prepared to adapt to new technologies, changing client needs, and emerging trends. At the same time, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to the values and principles that have made CMC-Canada a trusted name in consulting.

In the coming months and years, I believe that CMC-Canada has a unique opportunity to play a leadership role in shaping the future of the consulting industry. This will require us to:

  • Advocate for the consulting profession at all levels of government, ensuring that our voice is heard on issues that matter to our members and clients.

  • Foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning, helping our members stay ahead of the curve and embrace new technologies and methodologies.

  • Build strategic partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, both within Canada and internationally, to leverage our collective strengths and tackle complex challenges.

  • Continue to uphold the highest ethical standards in our work, demonstrating the value and integrity of the CMC designation.

I am committed to working closely with our Board, staff, and members to realize these goals and ensure that CMC-Canada remains at the forefront of the consulting profession.

Thank you for your ongoing support of CMC-Canada.


Sophie Lemieux, C. Adm., C.M.C.

National Board Chair, CMC-Canada