• National Supplier Advisory Committee - Contract Simplification Working Group

    CMC-Canada Members,

    Our association is represented on the National Supplier Advisory Committee (SAC), the purpose of which is to bring about potential improvements to government procurement and develop a better understanding of supply and demand.

    The SAC has discussed establishing a working group on Contract Simplification to examine the current content and structure of government contracts to identify where and how they can be simplified.

    We have an opportunity to provide feedback on the direction of this group. To do so, please email your answers to the questions below, along with your name / title to marketing@cmc-canada.ca by September 13 end of day - and your answers will be incorporated into our submission to the SAC this week:

    a) What are your desired objectives for this sub-working group?

    b) What issues related specifically to simplifying the content of contracts are you interested in discussing?

    c) What other topics related to contract simplification are you interested in?
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