• Advocacy Update – Tax Changes Affecting Small Businesses

    CMC-Canada is a member of the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness – a unified voice of close to 80 organizations across the country who oppose the federal government’s tax proposals that dramatically change the way incorporated small businesses are taxed in Canada. 

    The Coalition – on behalf of hundreds of thousands of its members – recently deployed several new correspondents:

    -A letter to Finance Minister Morneau with suggested approaches on how to protect passive investments.
    -A request to provincial ministers for assistance on the taxation of passive investment income. 

    You can read the letter to Minister Morneau / a sample provincial letter (sent to BC’s Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier in our Media Room:
  • Shape the future of the CMC designation!

    The CMC Competency Framework is undergoing its first major update in 10 years. As the project nears completion, the larger CMC community is asked to provide its feedback and comments. 

    As a member of CMC-Canada, your perspective is highly valuable in shaping the foundation of this organization. 

  • Advocacy Update – Tax Changes Affecting Small Businesses

    The Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness, a unified voice of more than 70 organizations representing hundreds of thousands of business owners across the country (including CMC-Canada members), outlined today the need for further important fixes to small business tax changes. In a new letter to Finance Minister Morneau, the Coalition thanks the government for starting to address some of the most serious concerns related to passive investment rules. However, we also identify a number of areas with respect to the tax changes that remain concerning to small business owners, and make several recommendations.

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