CATALYST 2022: Day 3 Highlights

Day 3 of CATALYST 2022 received rave reviews from those in attendance for the variety of speakers selected and the vast amount of practical takeaways offered by some top quality presenters.

Constantinus International Award Program – A Great Opportunity for CMC-Canada Members

I would recommend participating in the Constantinus International Award program to everyone with a project they are proud of.

The Importance and Future of Mentorship in Consulting

The objective of mentoring is to enable a mentor-mentee relationship, in which the mentor imparts his / her wisdom to help support the mentee’s personal and professional development.

Reflections on our Women’s Panel: Maintaining Balance

The questions from the audience were thoughtful and it was a great experience.

Certification Weekend: Complete your CMC Journey

Just recently, CMC-Canada announced our first Certification Weekend for Experienced and Executive streamed Candidates, which will help those who work better under set timelines.

Announcing CMC-Canada's New Mentorship Program

CMC-Canada's new Mentorship Program connects up-and-coming consultants with accomplished CMCs.

Management Consulting, Yin-Yang Style

Culture and role expectations steer us towards gender typecast roles, but we each have both feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) traits...

A Message from CMC-Canada’s National Board Chair: Building our Global Profession

Whether we live in different provinces and territories or different countries, we share a bond as CMCs.

Recapping JDC West 2022: Getting Started as a Management Consultant, the Value of the CMC, and More

CMC-Canada was pleased to sponsor and participate in the 2022 JDC West business competition this past month

Four Key Drivers of Disruption in Management Consulting: My Observations as CMC-Global Chair

Exploring four key drivers of industry changes in management consulting today. 

Congratulations to all of our new CMCs!

We’re pleased to present all of those CMCs who’ve been awarded the designation over the past year!

CMC-Canada: A Successful Year in Review and an Exciting Year Ahead!

A Message from CMC-Canada's Executive Director, Donna Ringrose.

5 Steps to Hiring the Right Management Consultant

If you are a leader who needs outside expertise to complete a project, then you should consider hiring an experienced Management Consultant.

12 Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee

Successful franchisees have some characteristics in common that are worth further examination. 

Top Reasons to Renew your CMC-Canada Membership Today!

We continue to explore new partnerships to bring you great value for your membership dollar, help you build your profile, and network with your peers.

5 Reasons Why CMCs Should Do Pro Bono Work

So why should CMCs provide pro bono services? Here are five excellent reasons.

2021 International Constantinus Award: CMC-Canada Members Capture Silver Medal!

This award-winning project helped businesses take the next best step forward as they navigated the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Note from CMC-Canada's National Board Vice-Chair

We are the best spokespersons to engage and inform current and future members.

Gender Parity in Canada: Intersectionality

Exploring what intersectionality is, what it means to the Gender Parity issue in Canada, and what one might consider in addressing intersectionality in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space.

Organizational Performance: The Effective Managers™ Approach

Let’s examine some companies’ approaches to organizational performance management.