Congratulations to all of our new CMCs!

We’re pleased to present all of those CMCs who’ve been awarded the designation over the past year!

CMC-Canada: A Successful Year in Review and an Exciting Year Ahead!

A Message from CMC-Canada's Executive Director, Donna Ringrose.

5 Steps to Hiring the Right Management Consultant

If you are a leader who needs outside expertise to complete a project, then you should consider hiring an experienced Management Consultant.

12 Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee

Successful franchisees have some characteristics in common that are worth further examination. 

Top Reasons to Renew your CMC-Canada Membership Today!

We continue to explore new partnerships to bring you great value for your membership dollar, help you build your profile, and network with your peers.

5 Reasons Why CMCs Should Do Pro Bono Work

So why should CMCs provide pro bono services? Here are five excellent reasons.

2021 International Constantinus Award: CMC-Canada Members Capture Silver Medal!

This award-winning project helped businesses take the next best step forward as they navigated the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Note from CMC-Canada's National Board Vice-Chair

We are the best spokespersons to engage and inform current and future members.

Gender Parity in Canada: Intersectionality

Exploring what intersectionality is, what it means to the Gender Parity issue in Canada, and what one might consider in addressing intersectionality in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space.

Organizational Performance: The Effective Managers™ Approach

Let’s examine some companies’ approaches to organizational performance management. 

A Message from CMC-Canada's National Board Chair

As the summer vacation season ends, it’s my pleasure to take this opportunity to connect with you.

The Hidden Risk of Change Management Tools & Templates

Developing the knowledge and skills to build your organizational change management toolkit is worth the effort.

Gender Parity in Canada: A Way Forward

Who better than CMC-Canada’s cadre of organizational and societal change agents to lead this exceptional change management application?

Introducing the CMC Change Management Community

The change management group page is a place for members interested in sharing and exploring ideas on the practice of change management.

Gender Parity in Canada: My Why

When I am asked why I’m passionately active in the gender parity space, I begin with who I am and the many parts of intersectionality that I inhabit.

Introducing the Organizational Performance Online Community

know we will create an amazing discussion forum in this new forum.

Business Operating Models, Explained

Effective operating models continuously innovate, experimenting to address challenges and seek out new opportunities.

Gender Parity in Canada

As a CMC, based in western Canada, I’m leading a multi-year, intergenerational initiative to improve gender parity in Canada.

On the Road to Gender Equality: CMC Women in Consulting

Gender equality in the workplace is a topic that sits at the forefront of my mind and affects every decision and interaction I make in my professional day-to-day life.

Do Ethics Still Matter in Management Consulting?

As professionals, we need to weight not only the good we can do for a client, but also the impact it will have on our society.